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How employers can prepare for possible workplace violence

Open office interior

Unfortunately, workplace violence is a reality that many employers should be prepared to address. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 392 U.S. workers were workplace homicide victims in 2020, and 20,050 workers in the private industry experienced trauma from ...

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Look before you leap into AI, experts advise

Artificial intelligence

They’re the two letters that won’t seem to go away, regardless of one’s profession: AI. Through applications such as ChatGPT, artificial intelligence has been touted as everything from a timesaver to the thing that will kill all creative pursuits. But ...

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Crafting an effective AI acceptable use policy

Using ChatGPT on laptop

As artificial intelligence (AI) technologies continue to increase in popularity and demand across industries, so does the need for robust governance frameworks to guide their ethical and responsible use. Recognizing this imperative, organizations can turn to established frameworks to inform ...

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Catapulting into compliance with new independent contractor rules

Employment agreement

The Biden administration in January officially rescinded a rule that made it easier to classify workers as independent contractors under federal wage and hour rules. Outlined below are five things that employers should know about the new rule that takes ...

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First-party data game changer in targeted marketing

Person using smartphone and laptop

In the ever-evolving world of marketing, data has emerged as the driving force behind successful campaigns. With 55% of the Internet traffic blocking third-party cookies today, the spray and pray approach of third-party cookies / third-party data is no longer ...

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The NLRB updates its standards for unionizing a workplace

Construction worker

2023 was a year of robust union activity across the United States. Industries that had never unionized before, from exotic dancers to thrift-store employees, saw widespread organization and encouraged other workers to do the same. Small businesses have had to ...

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Legal experts can help guide small businesses to successful operations

Older businesswoman talking with younger managers

Entrepreneurs and small business owners often consider the need for a business lawyer, weighing the perceived high costs associated with legal services. While routine tasks like drafting a business plan or obtaining licenses can be handled independently, more intricate issues ...

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Corporate Transparency Act takes aim at financial crime

meeting room with business plan documents ready for presentation - Deposit Photos

Effective Jan. 1, the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), requires most small and medium-sized businesses to disclose detailed ownership information directly with the Department of Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (“FinCEN”). The CTA is intended to enhance transparency regarding ownership and ...

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Noncompete agreement deemed enforceable

Employee noncompete agreement

The Rhode Island Supreme Court has upheld a Superior Court judge’s decision to grant a pest-control company’s request to enforce a former employee’s non-competition agreement. “The noncompetition agreement at issue is a product of a lawful, bargained-for exchange based on ...

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