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Court issues verdict on employee misclassification

Wooden gavel

According to employer-side attorneys, a recent Massachusetts verdict in favor of an employer in a misclassification case should bring comfort to employers who contract with “legitimate” businesses for independent contractors’ services. But plaintiffs’ side employment attorneys say that they hope ...

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Think twice about ‘quiet firing’

First there was “quiet quitting,” a phenomenon in which employees reduce the effort and initiative they put into their job until they’re doing the bare minimum. Then, that was quickly followed by the idea of “quiet firing,” or effectively reducing ...

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Federal judge throws out EEOC’s LGBTQ guidance

A federal judge in Texas has ruled an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) guidance on LGBTQ+ protections is unlawful. The guidance stipulated that employers should allow transgender employees to access bathrooms aligned with their gender identity and that acts countering ...

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