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Author Archives: Stephen Scott

NLRB’s directive unveiled

Employee handbook

In many ways an April 8 memorandum issued by the National Labor Relations Board’s General Counsel is a reminder to employers of new rules and developments that could greatly expand penalties and unfair labor practice charges for noncompliant handbooks that ...

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A guide to implementing workplace boundaries

Person using smartphone and laptop

You’re out of town on a work trip and have nothing better to do than check your emails after dinner. You click the mail icon and see a work emergency pop up. While you need help preparing for a hectic ...

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Guidance for office relationship policies

Listening during meeting

Over 60 percent of adults have had a workplace romance, according to results of a recent Forbes survey. That statistic amplifies the fact that employers cannot be ostriches that bury their heads and implement a don’t ask, don’t tell policy. ...

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Catapulting into compliance with new independent contractor rules

Employment agreement

The Biden administration in January officially rescinded a rule that made it easier to classify workers as independent contractors under federal wage and hour rules. Outlined below are five things that employers should know about the new rule that takes ...

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Navigating I-9 self-audit misconceptions

Open office interior

Many of my articles discuss the gray area where a misconception can lead to legal exposure related to discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. And while those are real areas of concerns that center around a narrative we intrinsically understand (for example, ...

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Minimizing deepfake risks in business

Creation of a deepfake video

With the rise of AI, and access to technology, we are entering the age of the deepfake. In this article, I will discuss: 1, what a deepfake is; 2, societal concerns; 3, why employers need to care; and 4, steps ...

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The legal wonderland of individual liability

Modern office interior

In “Alice in Wonderland,” the Queen of Hearts once proclaimed, “Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.” This intriguing declaration mirrors the spirit of many plaintiffs across the country when they file administrative charges and ...

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Beyond automation: the quest for ethical AI in human resources

Generative AI concept

In the legal sphere, being the first among companies often translates to bearing the brunt of significant lawsuits in uncharted legal territories. Fortunately, the vanguard of the AI revolution won’t be uncharted territory for your company. On August 9, a ...

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7 reasons to embrace a robust records retention program

Document archive

Employers often ask, why do we need a records retention policy? It’s relatively cheap and easy to store everything electronically, and if you don’t have a retention policy you don’t have to deal with the headache of determining the retention ...

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An employer’s guide to compassionate communication with employees

Older businesswoman talking with younger managers

Facing the daunting task of downsizing one’s workforce can be an emotionally challenging experience. It is crucial for leaders to make well-informed decisions while considering the impacts on both departing and remaining employees. Outlined below are five high-level considerations that ...

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